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Cosmic noise

Exhibition gallery L'oiseau Sablier August 2022

Photographic installation

& Audiovisual production

Project, concepts & works under Copyright


In France in 2022 we observe a tropicalization of the Mediterranean Sea while in Brittany proliferations of toxic micro algae of red and bioluminescent colors develop massively with global warming.

Toxic algal blooms during "bloom" or "efflorescence" episodes in 2021 massive bloom episodes occur in Chile and California. In Chile the purple water causes the death of millions of animals by hypoxia, while in California the red tide produces bioluminescent waves at night. These phenomena are caused by variables such as water warming, upwelling (rising of sediments to the surface), currents, nitrogen discharges (nitrate, ammonia, nitrogen) linked to human activities. In 2021, it is the La Niña phenomenon which causes the upwelling phenomenon which allows the emergence of these blooms of dizzying dimensions.

The Bruit Cosmique project is a video and sound research around the interactions between waves and their frequency with planktonic reactions. We know today that stellar phenomena are received even on earth and that we can translate them into sound waves, by sonification. What are their effects on organisms? We do not know it. However, the effects of lunar attraction no longer need to be demonstrated. Astral panspermia theories show that the first organisms arrived on earth via comets and meteorites, loaded with biological material. The Rosetta mission, which was responsible for observing comet Tchouri, brought back a sound recording that I have included in this video, an ambiguous undulating sound that undoubtedly recalls the songs of cetaceans or animals. The mission also took biological material from the comet, supporting these theories of transmission of life and elements by stellar route. The video and the photographic production illustrates these effects of explosion and implosion which are the planktonic blooms on a planetary scale because they sometimes extend over square kilometres. I reproduced these effects in the laboratory by also mimicking photographs from telescopes by working on depths of field. The images reproduce time series of star implosion and explosion (supernovas and white dwarfs) and their erosion into dust and micro particles. New imaginaries today project man into space, and many are the voices that are raised in the face of this desire to colonize elsewhere while the biosphere seems increasingly threatened by extractivism and human industry. Scientists today are studying the feasibility of building a new horizon of human construction in space from primary organisms, bacteria and microalgae in a closed circuit perspective. The study of these organisms makes it possible to imagine possible futures elsewhere but also on earth for a work of recovery or resilience of certain environments and territories. This Cosmic Noise artistic project highlights this new spatial and microbiological imagination.

Photographic installation "Cosmic Noise" Overview  from the photographic series  "Luminous Narration" 2022

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