Pauline Hégaret or Pauline.H born in 1987 in France

Visual artist, she also graduated in architecture. This spatial training allows her to create artistic and design installations. Passionate about science and nature, she trained in parallel to human and political sciences and became a socio-anthropologist.

She leads projects at the crossroads of visual arts, design and social sciences. She leads a reflection on the uses and the interaction between "visitors" or "users" of her artistic creations or designated structures.

In May 2020, she created and conceptualized an immersive and interactive video viewing journey within a 3d labyrinth, thus exploring the themes of virtual reality and that of motionless travel.

In March 2019, she programmed artificial intelligences to modify on-board cameras on digital tools (smartphones, tablets, PCs) and to process their image through the prism of data from pollution sensors, by deep learning and neural transfer style in collaboration.

She has also been carrying out artistic and scientific research, particularly around erosion since 2012, this long-term research materializes in residences, sound performances and installations, paintings and videos.

She establishes relationships with the landscape and research on soundscapes, and performs installations, recordings and samples of soundscapes (microphones and hydrophones) while working on the specificity of each environment.

She is currently conducting research in inspired organic design in order to respond to coastal erosion issues.

2015-2020 lives in Rennes and Saint-Malo, France

2012-2014 works & studies in Paris

                    Master's degree in Political Sciences PARIS IX 2012-2013

2010-2012 lives in the south of France & north of Brazil

                    Master's degree in Anthropology on reserves in northern Brazil

2011 lives and works in Rio de Janeiro Brazil

                    Master's degree in architecture from UFRJ & ENSA-Bretagne

11021987 Born in Paimpol, Côtes d'Armor, France

exhibitions & artistic events:


October 2020

Scenography Turn Youth # 3

realization of the Saint-Malo Media Library exhibition

September 2020: Cenote

September 19 & 20 exhibition of a sound and immersive installation during the contemporary art festival

"le vent en poulpe # 2" at 20 quai trichet 35400 Saint-Malo

august 2020

August 21, 2020: evening of performance show in saint malo entitled Dream Cube

Espace Bougainville in Saint-Malo - "a summer of discovery" program

4 hours of performance, painting, installation and video projection

june 2020

Presentation of the land art project and design research TETRAPODE

in progress during summer 2020

june 2020

Furniture installation & urban design realized & designed for the port of heritage interest of Bréhec

Project for the Beau Rivage esplanade

May 8, 2020 Launch of Arcane Game   digital art project

May 12, 2020 Virtual exhibition - Digital Arts - Zone Blanche # 2

Creation and conception of the Arcane Game virtual exhibition with Marie Horn and Caroline Ruffault

March 12, 2020

Personal exhibition of works produced during the current artistic residency

COEF 180, 12 path of lovers Saint-Malo, Zone Blanche


December: shooting & production of short documentary EthnoHAB, north Patagonia, Chile

August: production of props & set help for the film Another World Hunger

June 14: Intervention / conference during the symposium

GARDEN THE WATER SKY SYMPOSIUM - Polytechnic arts & science chair

Paris - international city of arts - Paris 4, auditorium

15min presentation of the YADUSMOG arts & sciences application project

May 17: Performance WHAT IS AND WHICH IS NO LONGER in Rennes

duration 60 min 'as part of the Cabaret organized by the company Rêves d'Absolus

mid May: Reinstallation of the sound listening facility at Pors Rand - Pleubian

April 15 to May 1, 2019: Painting exhibition - Come (s) table at Saint-Briac-sur-Mer Presbytère

April 15/30: Installation of furniture designed for street furniture designed & produced for the project

port of heritage interest of Bréhec

March: launch of the web application & digital art project YADUSMOG with Victor Boquet & Osons St Malo

Some notable exhibitions:


Personal exhibition - Presbytery of Saint Briac sur Mer, from August 27 to September 03

Personal exhibition - Abbaye de Léhon, Dinan from August 17 to 23, 2018

Collective exhibition Ici & l'Art, Atelier Galerie Monik Rabaste, Saint Briac sur Mer, from August 03 to 16, 2018

Personal exhibition - Abbey of Saint-Jacut-de-la-Mer from July 09 to July 22, 2018

Sound listening device on the coast & micro architecture, Inauguration on 04 July 2018

Personal exhibition - Château de Kerninon, Ploulec'h Lannion, from 01 to 10 May 2018



Collective exhibition Salon d'art de la Bellevilloise PARIS 20è, from October 27 to 29, 2017

Collective exhibition Salon d'Automne, Grand Palais Champs Elysées, Paris, from October 12 to 15, 2017

Exhibition at the LINKIN Gallery in Perros Guirec from July 29 to August 11, 2017

Personal exhibition: on the sea and the foreshore during the Festival la Houle des mots in Saint Jacut de la Mer, from August 02 to 09, 2017


Exhibition at Galerie Sillage de Paimpol 2015 - 2016

Collective exhibition Salon d'Automne, avenue des Champs-Élysées, Paris, October 2016

Artistic residency at Hameau de la Sablière, Cévennes National Park, June 2016

Collective exhibition at the FORUM DES ARTS in the city of SAINT MALO, May 2016

Collective exhibition at the Salon d'art de la Bellevilloise PARIS 20th, February 2016

artistic & scientific teaching:


Encadrement de workshop à l'université de Bretagne Occidentale -ISBlue The interdisciplinary graduate school for the blue planet  - formation à la vidéo artistique & documentaire, ethnographique projet "Docu-sciences" avec le LEMAR


enseignement de la sociologie appliquée au design & de la sociologie de l'espace à L'Institut D. 

Institut Supérieur de Design de Saint-Malo

art & scene


Sound performance of the act of painting with sensors & musical improvisation:

What is and who is no longer 2018-2019 project with in situ sound collections

Sound installation 2018: Sound listening device on the coast & micro architecture, July 2018

Acoustics in architecture training at UF-Rio de Janeiro 2011


Product design workshop of H. Perrin's ENSAB 2010-2011

Realization of product & graphic design pieces for individuals & institutions, associations


Research residency in design fiction & arts - COEF 180 Saint Malo - January April 2020

Painting research residency, theme "erosion" & restoration of terraces & biodiversity

Essential Association, Cévennes Natural Park in 2016

SCENOGRAPHY theater & film

Training in theatrical scenography, set painting, sound and light management at the National School of Arts and Techniques

of Théâtre LYON 2009-2010

Decorative painter & props:

La Troade de Garnier directed by Christian Schiaretti from TNP Villeurbanne in 2010

Cymbeline by Shakespeare directed by Bernard Sobel in LYON in 2011

August 2019: production of props & set help for the film Another World Hunger

December 2019: shooting & production of short documentary EthnoHAB, north Patagonia, Chile


Laureate of the aid for scenic creation from the City of Rennes 2018 for the INTERFACE [S] project

with the music group Malade [s]

Finalist Jacques Rougerie international architectural competition with NOM-A 2015


Teaching of visual arts in prison in Rennes GENEPI 2007-2008