Pauline Hégaret or Pauline.H born in 1987 in France

Conceptual artist, she also graduated in architecture. This spatial training allows her to create artistic and design installations. Passionate about science and nature, she completed in parallel training as an anthropologist and political sociologist between France & Brazil. She leads projects at the crossroads of visual, sound, design and social science arts. She creates devices that question our relationship to the world and to digital artefacts through the prism of cultural, cognitive anthropology. She focuses particularly on the analysis of  mythologies and cosmogonies related to environment .

At the same time, she has been carrying out plastic and scientific research on erosion since 2012. This long-term research takes the form of residences, sound performances and installations, paintings and videos. She is currently carrying out research in organic design in order to respond to the problems of coastal erosion.


2014 Obtained master's degree in sociology and political science University Paris 9 Dauphine

2012 Obtained master 2 research in anthropology Nice Sophia Antipolis University

2011 Obtained an architect's diploma from the Ecole Nationale Supérieure d'Architecture de Bretagne

2009 Scenography training at ENSATT Lyon

Artistic & scientific education:

2021  Workshop supervision at the University of Western Brittany -ISBlue The interdisciplinary graduate school  for the blue planet  - training in artistic video & documentary

2020 Teaching of sociology applied to design & sociology of space at L'Institut D.  Superior Institute of Design of Saint-Malo

2021 Product design workshop for the Quartiers d'été social program

2021 Writing / sound recording / video workshop with the CLPS, public in FLE training

Exhibitions & artistic events:

2021 - 2022

January 31, 2022  Exhibition of ethnographic films co-produced with Séverine Walter for Documents d'Airs

12 December / 30 Jan 2022  Zurich, exhibition of the artistic film Solar Bloom  Dear 2050, Oceans on the rise, 14 - 17 Uhr, Kunst (Zeug) Haus Rapperswil.  

October 30, inauguration of a 6m50 sculpture at the port of Saint-Malo

02-30 October exhibition Cénote v3 , Le Cap, contemporary art center Plérin / Saint-Brieuc

October 11-15: video workshop supervision at IS-blue University  Interdisciplinary graduate school for the blue planet

August 16-20 design & installation for the Discovery district, Saint-Malo  

June 17 Phytoplankton conference / workshop with Plancton-Innovation institut Solacroup Dinard - School of the sea & exploration

May 31-June 09 residence Le Cap, Plérin. Ethnographic and sound research residency for the Cénote v3 project

broadcast and final installation planned Sept-Oct 2021

June 06 project presentation with the Cloud Museum  from Learning Landscapes to Guéret

winning project "Connected cultures": training of artificial intelligences with a critical dimension by Pauline H. from ethnographic collections & focus group 2021/2023

June 10-11 

May 25 to 27: video workshop supervision at IS-blue University  Interdisciplinary graduate school for the blue planet

January 18 to 30 artistic residency Erosion: sculptures in movement at La Générale, Paris

January 04 to 10 artistic residency works in digital arts at the Image qui parle , Paimpol



December 2020

workshop & video recording at the LEMAR environmental and marine sciences laboratory in Brest

on the topic of toxic microalgae

October 2020

Scenography of Tournez jeunesse # 3 

Saint-Malo Multimedia Library Exhibition

September 2020: Cenote 

September 19 & 20 exhibition of a sound and immersive installation during the contemporary art festival

of COEF 180 in Saint-Malo

august 2020

August 21, 2020: evening of performance show in Saint Malo entitled Dream Cube

Program "A summer to discover" Saint-Malo

4 hours of performance, painting, installation and video projection  

june 2020

Presentation of the land art project and design research  TETRAPOD  

june 2020

Installation of furniture & urban design produced and designed for the port of heritage interest of Bréhec 

Project for the Beau Rivage esplanade

May 8, 2020 Launch of Arcane Game   digital art project 

May 12, 2020 Virtual exhibition - Digital Arts - Zone Blanche # 2

Creation and conception of the Arcane Game virtual exhibition with Marie Horn and Caroline Ruffault

March 12, 2020

Personal exhibition of works carried out during the current artistic residency

COEF 180, 12 path of lovers Saint-Malo, Zone Blanche


December: shooting & directing feature documentary, North Patagonia, Chile FAN: a video voice approach

(FAN florescimiento de algas nocivas) Documentary feature-length production, North Patagonia, Chile - project
film anthropology in progress (pause due to COVID)

August: Production of props & decor for the film Another World Hunger, director J. Malbrel


June 14: Intervention / conference during the symposium Presentation of the arts & sciences application project YADUSMOG 

GARDEN THE WATER SKY SYMPOSIUM - Polytechnic arts & science chair 

Paris - international city of arts - Paris 4, auditorium 

June 12: Workshop at SIRTA: climate research center at the Polytechnic Institute of Paris

May 17: Performance WHAT IS AND WHICH IS NO LONGER in Rennes Sound performance of the act of painting

with sensors & musical improvisation: project What is and who is no longer 2018-2020 with collections

May 15: Reinstallation of the sound listening facility at Pors Rand - Pleubian

April 15 to May 1, 2019: Painting exhibition - Come (s) table at Saint-Briac-sur-Mer Presbytère  

April 15/30:  Installation of furniture designed for street furniture designed & produced for the project  port of interest

heritage of Bréhec

March: launch of the web application & digital art project YADUSMOG  

2018/2005 - Some exhibitions and artistic projects:

2018 Sound performance What is and who is no longer with Sick (s) music
2018 Perennial sound installation on the coast for the Sound Discovery Center
2018 Personal exhibition Château de Kerninon Lannion / Abbey of Léhon Dinan / Abbey of Saint-Jacut de la Mer 

2018 Personal exhibition Poetry Festival "La houle des mots" / Exhibition at the Art Center of Saint-Briac sur Mer
2016 -2017 Group exhibitions Salon d'Automne, Grand Palais Champs Elysées, Paris
2005-2016 Exhibition at the Sillage Gallery in Paimpol

2020 Exhibition at the New Gallery of Saint-Quai-Portrieux

Arts - stage - sound design - spatialization - residences  :

Sound research & Spatialization:

Sonification of the tetrapod   2020

Cenote project - emotion & music 2020

Sound performance of the act of painting with sensors & musical improvisation:

Project What is and who is no longer 2018-2019 with in situ sound collections 

2018 Sound installation 2018:  Sound listening device on the coast & micro architecture


Realization of product & graphic design parts for individuals & public order

Research residences:

Short residency at The Talking Image, January 2021

Short residency at La Générale, January 2021

Short residency at La Jungle, Le Rheu, 2018 with Patient (s): Goupile and Tanguy M.

Painting research residency, theme "erosion" & restoration of terraces & biodiversity Association

Essential, Cévennes Natural Park in 2016  

Theater / cinema scenography  - Museography:

Turn youth! museography of the 2020 exhibition

December 2019: shooting & production of short documentary EthnoHAB, north Patagonia, Chile 

August 2019: creation of props & set help for the film Another World Hunger

Props: Shakespeare's Cymbeline directed by Bernard Sobel in LYON in 2011

Props & decor painter: Cymbeline by Shakespeare directed by Bernard Sobel in LYON in 2011

La Troade de Garnier directed by Christian Schiaretti 2010

Price :

“Learning Landscapes” project with the Cloud Museum : winner of the DRAC “Connected Cultures” call for projects 2021-2023

Laureate of the aid for scenic creation from the City of Rennes 2018 for the INTERFACE [S] project

Finalist Jacques Rougerie international architectural competition with NOM-A 2015


Works for various agencies in France and Brazil

Architectural consultant & concept designer for the Ooreka website

Medias :