Arcane game 

May 2020

saint malo - brest

virtual exhibition project & "digital art" video game

We have created a virtual game-museum: by using a scripting tool for the purpose of exhibiting works and integrating gamification. We integrated certain game mechanisms into processes that were not primarily intended to be fun, in order to respond to the codes of the myth: the hero is predestined there and his destiny determined in advance, and revealed by oracles. We wanted to make the spectator actor of his own discovery: he chooses his own path, and is master of his game. However within arcane game all the paths and game protocols are distorted: we thus create incomprehension in the visitor, this illusion of choice, these determinisms may or may not be perceived; but they exist and cause a reaction.

Different versions of the myth are known, according to which Ariadne or Icarus, Theseus have very different destinies. By following these different destinies, narrative threads are woven during the exhibition game and lead to an exit from the labyrinth or random destiny: apotheosis or hubris punished by the gods.

The exhibition-game questions gender stereotypes spanning the centuries, human anxieties which are formalized spatially, and the sacrificial collective behaviors revealed by anthropologists and more particularly René Girard. We revisit ancient myths, giving them a subversive touch, and thereby recall their contemporaneity.